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My Boot Camp Experience
[Division Photo for 817] [The Diary of a Laundry P.O.]
[The Card I received from my Shipmates!] [Photos from the Airport]



Division Photo for 817
Division Photo for

The Diary of a Laundry P.O.

The Card I received from my Shipmates! From Div. 816 & 817

Photos from the Airport

Some Boot funnies from my Shipmates of 816 & 817!

Petty Officer Butler
Division 817
Los Angeles, CA

Petty Officer Davis
Great Lakes, Illinois   ---->

Welcome to RTC Great Lakes!
Pump & Dump
Walking in the Ship
The Galley

Two Inches
Height Line

Let Us Pray
You Looking at Me
Dodd, the Road Guard!
Laundry P.O. Dodd

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